When Do You Capitalize Directions?

capitalize directions

Sometimes directional phrases together with south are capitalized and every now and then they aren?T.

When you?Re describing a route, south is lowercase:

The map is at the back of a mystery door at the south wall.

We drove south for 20 miles before we observed a gas station.

When you?Re naming a location, guidelines are capitalized. For instance, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Nashville are all within the South, not the south. One hint, although it?S no longer 100% definitive, is if you can put the word the in the front of the name, it?S often capitalized:

He?S from the Pacific Northwest.

She?S from the Far East.

You also capitalize other famous area names like East Coast, West Coast, the South of France, and Southern California.

But it is able to get complicated because while Southern California may be a well-known place, southern Washington, western Turkey, and southern Africa aren?T (at the least no longer according to my style publications), so in the ones cases you wouldn?T capitalize the directional phrases.

When doubtful, take a look at a style guide, and if you could?T discover a solution, hold the phrase lowercase. In other phrases, lowercase ought to be your default.

Another problematic area is directional phrases to explain people, consisting of Southerner and Northerner, due to the fact fashion publications offer differing recommendation. For example, the Chicago Manual of Style desires southerner to be lowercase, and the Associated Press desires Southerner to be capitalized.

To sum it up, if a directional time period is the name of a location, capitalize it. If it?S just a compass factor, lowercase it. If you?Re uncertain, test a dictionary or style manual. And in case you cannot locate a solution, preserve it lowercase.

This article turned into in the beginning published January four, 2012, and up to date June nine, 2017.

Fill in a well capitalized or lowercase directional word:

1.  Moss grows on the ___________________ side of a tree.

2. Pierre is from ___________________ France.

3. The ___________________ gained the battle.

Four. We took pix of polar bears at the ___________________ Pole.

Five. What are the possibilities for peace inside the Middle ___________________?

6. Maine is ___________________ of New York.

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