What’s It Like to Work on a Dairy Farm?

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These days, a number of people are inquisitive about gaining knowledge of greater about wherein their meals comes from. For instance, so a lot of us drink milk or deliver it to our kids each unmarried day, however most of us have by no means had an opportunity to visit a operating dairy farm earlier than. In truth, I was surprised to research that most Americans stay inside 100 miles of a dairy farm. So regardless of in which you stay, probabilities are you’ve got a dairy farm as a neighbor.

Joining me today to give us a peek into a typical day on a typical dairy farm is Tara Vander Dussen, a fifth generation dairy farmer. She’s also the president of United Dairy Women, an organization committed to childhood nutrition and supporting local area children’s homes. She’s played an instrumental role in that organization’s fundraising efforts, helping to raise money for children’s homes so they have daily access to milk. And in addition, she works as a trained environmental scientist on her own family dairy. She shares her story on her blog, NewMexicoMilkMaid.com.

Nutrition Diva: Welcome to the podcast, Tara.

Tara Vander Dussen: Thank you for having me!

ND: So, it appears like dairy farming runs within the family. I’m curious?Did you ever keep in mind doing something else or have you constantly regarded that you’d be a dairy farmer, too?

TVD: So it virtually does run in my own family and it’s just part of our background. My husband is a fifth generation dairy farmer as well, however I did not recognise that is what I continually wanted to do. When I went away to university, I knew I wanted to recognition in environmental technology. Part of me nevertheless wanted to consider going to regulation college and shifting out of the rural America small town, and shifting to the large metropolis. I become eighteen, leaving for university and ready to discover the world. I ended up assembly my husband and we got married and I moved again to his circle of relatives farm inside the city that I grew up in.

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