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Where To Find Vintage Little Red Truck SVGS

And Project Ideas For Using Them

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Free Vintage Truck SVGs

With Commercial Use Licenses:

A vintage truck svg for every season!  With Free commercial use license.

Remember that with any svg, you can easily remove the extra holiday elements, and change the truck to whatever color you would like…

Here are two different seasonal designs, but remember that with an svg, you can always delete the extra elements, add new elements, and change the text and colors, to change these for any season!

To remove the date on the pumpkin truck, ungroup, ungroup, ungroup.  Then use contour.

Free Vintage Truck SVGS

With Personal Use Licenses

Free 3d Paper Red Truck

This site is a bit different – just right click on the image to download it.

A jeep version free for personal use, there’s a fee for commercial use

A distressed version from HelloSvg

Vintage Truck Projects:

Not SVGS, but really nice printables!

How to make a mailbox decal-

With the last name of Truckenmiller, living on a farm in Rural Pa – the red truck design tends to be one of my favorites!  There are SO many free versions – and lots of project ideas to use them on!

Trucks show up on a lot of my charger plate signs…

Dollar Tree Pot Holders

This truck design can be purchased here:

But there are free versions you could adapt yourself, here:

& here –

A Christmas countdown made with the free red truck.  Slice a circle out of the tree, add some text, and apply with 651 to a Dollar Tree dry erase board.

a t-shirt I made for my parents, who grow a LOT of tomatoes

I just googled “tomato svg” and this was one of the first results!

Not a red truck, but a red tractor – it made a great shirt for my grandson!

More Farm & Construction Equipment Free svgs here –

More Pillows

With A Simple Step By Step How To Layer Vinly

Not free –

I’ve made a lot of box cards, using this file, and I LOVE them! It costs $2 for the svg

I made a bunch with pumpkins in the back last fall.

More Free SVGS By Theme:


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