Tips From Crafting With Fields Of Heather

Recently Facebook has started flagging popular links for “violating community standards”.   I don’t know why I am suddenly on their radar, but from some research, I’m not alone.

Hopefully they will fix this soon.  For now, I can “appeal”, but it seems to take them weeks to actually review the appeal and make a decision.

So the interim, here is a put up with the links that I cannot put up directly – optimistically this will pass the issue and get you to the answer you’re looking for!

  1. A List of over 100 free fonts that will write in Cricut   With samples or each font in the pens they work with, and links for where to download them.
  2. Alternative (nor cricut) pens that will work with no adapter needed

  1. A Long List Of Sites With Free SVGS
  2. Sites to check DAILY for free svgs
  3. Freebie Friday  – Sites with free svgs each Friday
  4. FREE  THIS WEEK ONLY Premium fonts &svgs with commercial use licenses
  5. How to Download SVGS and Use them in Design Space
  6. Where to find, and how to use, free fonts and svgs in Design Space

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