The Importance of Apologizing

I think a great rule in life to live by is to be quick to apologize and slow to anger or hold a grudge. I posted this up on our Facebook Page also (we’d love it if you’d join in the conversation!). The more people I talk to the more I learn that this is a problem. Many choose to withhold an apology because their ego is too big and they feel they need to win and have to be “right”.

I grew up in a home where one in all my dad and mom usually felt the want to be "right" even as the alternative one turned into gracious sufficient to position up with it for a long term. It got to the factor that the man or woman in query could cite records and after they have been proven would say such things as, "See! Wasn’t I proper?". Witnessing this through the years, I may want to see how this contributed in some way to the downfall in their marriage because there has been a loss of humility in some regions. I’m so thankful that I turned into capable of examine this at a young age and take a lesson away from it lengthy after my dad and mom divorced once I was twenty. Not most effective in my personal marriage but in friendships, it’s so important to recognize when to express regret even in case you’ve been harm or you recognize something isn’t your fault, for the sake of the relationship. None people are best, all people need grace every so often.

A while ago, I wrote a post called ‘Do You Want to be Right or Reconciled?’ and if you’re struggling with a relationship that you’re frustrated by, I encourage you to read it or pass it along to someone that you know might benefit. It’s also a good read/refresher for wives, living with someone else 24/7 is not always easy and there are bound to be times where you feel that your way is the better way, but we must not lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day a partnership is a team, we need to work together. 🙂

Happy Friday! I desire you all a gorgeous weekend with the ones you like!


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