The Benefits of Biking to Work

Photo of cyclists commuting to work

Recently in the UK, 263,450 participants (52% female and 48% male with an average age of 52.6) were asked what mode of transportation they used (walking, cycling, car, or public transport) to commute to and from work on a typical day. The researchers then measured the incidents of fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular disease, cancer, or any causes of death among the participants over the next five years. The results were published in the British Medical Journal.

At the give up of that five years, the researchers concluded that cycle commuting changed into related to a lower hazard of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all-reason mortality.

If I invented a elaborate diet drink that cut your danger of death in half of, I could be a multi-millionaire!

The have a look at’s authors wrote that ?Cycle commuters had a 52 percent lower risk of demise from heart sickness and a forty percentage lower hazard of death from cancer. They also had 46 percentage decrease risk of growing heart disorder and a forty five percent lower hazard of growing most cancers at all.? I like those odds!

Not to be crass however if I invented a flowery diet drink that cut your hazard of loss of life in half, I would be a multi-millionaire! Right? So, why the heck aren’t extra people using their motorcycles?

Well, you are in all likelihood thinking, "That’s splendid, Brock, as long as I don’t get hit through a car!" But the funny story’s on you (so to speak). The researchers protected the chance of car accidents in the study. So, sure indeed this study offers us even greater proof that even the "dangers" of driving a motorcycle get outweighed by means of the blessings of being a pedal-estrian.

If you are still skeptical, you can check out some of the protests that are happening in Australia and New Zealand that hammer home the message that the guaranteed health benefits of cycling simply outweigh any of the possible risks of injury. Those folks down under are taking it a step farther than I am willing to go by advocating for less strict helmet laws as a way to encourage more people to ride. To that, I say “get over it” and do both. You’re riding to work, not twerking at the club. Plus there are some pretty badass looking helmets available these days.

Once again we see the advantages of making motion, exercise, and activity part of your everyday lifestyles.

The notion that takes the results of this study to the next level for me is that they only included people who were commuting to and from work on a bike, not just going out for a ride on the weekend or hitting the stationary bike at the gym. These were people who were building the fitness, cardio, stress relieving, fresh-air breathing, leg stretching, carbon footprint reducing, wind-in-your-face aspects of cycling into their daily life. Which is something I have written about in the past.

So, another time we see the added blessings of creating motion, exercise, and pastime part of your daily lifestyles over certainly hitting the fitness center. Which, for me, reinforces the advantages of doing both.

Live an lively existence to your health and hit the gym on your biceps.

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