Sophistication is About Simplicity

Have you ever noticed that often the most beautifully decorated homes are also the most simple as they provide an effortless look? Rooms bathed in sunlight with white paint, warm textures, natural materials and neutrals with small pops of color bring about a cozy feeling for me personally. Likewise, some of the most elegant gowns or beautiful, classic outfits are almost always the most simple in terms of design. In all areas of life, elegance and sophistication exist because of their ease and uncomplicated nature.

Lately I’ve been focused on simple yet yummy meals using raw ingredients or a limited amount of ingredients which lessens prep time in the kitchen and allows me to enjoy everything else in my life more fully. Last night’s dinner (and admittedly today’s lunch) was roasted beets and sweet potatoes (or sweets & beets as I lovingly refer to them as), just two ingredients plus 400 degrees of heat for 40 minutes and I could really taste the earthly goodness of each-they were delicious!

When it comes to my wardrobe, the pieces I get the most compliments on are always simple, classic pieces I’ve owned for years vs. the new, trendy pieces that are currently available. It’s the prefectly fitting blazer I bought 8yrs ago with clean lines, or the pumps that I’ve kept in excellent condition and keep wearing year after year with multiple outfits because I chose black or neutral over an of-the-moment color. While the odd impulsive,fun, colorful or of-the-moment purchase is exciting and a great addition to one’s wardrobe, classics are key for a classy woman’s wardrobe. I love wearing what fits me, looks good on me and that which I feel confident in. Working with key pieces makes getting dressed in the morning that much easier!

What about your calendar-is it relaxed or chaotic? Are you making time for YOU? One cannot elegantly go through life with their hair on fire as they race from one meeting or event to the next. Why not begin scheduling some time that is especially for you. Maybe that time is first thing in the morning when the kids are still asleep, a 5am workout session, quiet meditation or prayer time to begin your day or an hour of rejuvenation after a long day of work. We cannot be a blessing to others and give of ourselves fully when we feel drained. A simplified schedule allows us to make room for the surprises of life and give us space between more stressful parts of our day to regain peace and recharge for the next day.

What areas of your life could benefit from a little more simplicity?

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