Online Bake Sale to Benefit Team Miranda – Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Lemon Glaze

Hi everyone! I’m participating in an online bake sale and I’ve contributed 2 DOZEN of my most popular and incredibly delicious Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Lemon Glaze. You can bid on them or many other fabulous creations, cookbooks and kitchen tools at the link below.

Gerry from Foodness Gracious is hosting this sale for his 6 year old daughter, Miranda. Miranda has Type 1 Diabetes, and each year they participate in a 5K fundraising walk at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. The main goal is to raise as much money as they can for Team Miranda and The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, with the expectation of finding a cure for Miranda and all of the other people with T1D.

The auction will be open until 10pm (PST) on October 11th. All of the proceeds will go to Team Miranda, and all bids start at $10.

Online Bake Sale at Foodness Gracious

If you want to bid, surely scroll thru the listing till you notice some thing that tempts you after which vicinity your bid thru that link. Thanks in advance for assisting!

The Rules Of The Sale-

All proceeds will go directly to Team Miranda.

All bids will begin at $10 and bypass up in $five increments.

The bidding can be updated on the quit of every night time and as a lot as feasible at some stage in the day so you can see if you have to bid all over again.

Bids must be emailed to me at, comments will not be counted as bids.

Bidding will start at 12a.m PST on October 8th and end at 10p.m PST on October 11th. The winners will pay their winning bid directly to my fundraising walk page within 24 hours of the end of the sale. If the bid is not paid by the said time frame then the last highest bidder will be the winner.

After the bid has been paid, Gerry will e-mail the baker the winners address and the baker have to have the object shipped internal 5 days of receiving the cope with.

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