My Cricut Projects In 2018

Year In Review – My 2018 Cricut Projects

(Most have the how to, or a hyperlink to the tutorial or little by little, in the descriptions)

One of my biggest projects this year, and also my favorite.  I asked the kids what their favorite books were while growing up here, and then added my husband and my favorites, and used them to decorate our steps.  This looks so much better in person…  it makes me smile every night as I head upstairs!


Faux Leather Earrings

I was excited to find that the Air2 does a great job cutting faux leather, and the regular blade that comes in the machine really did the best job for the detailed cuts in the fancier patterns.  I made SO many pairs of these this year  – definitely one of my favorites!


Birth Announcement Elephants

I made a couple of these for friends and family this year – I LOVE them!  They are pretty easy too!



I’ve been using htv on umbrellas – and I love it!  They hold up great.  Keep your temp low, and press in very short bursts.


I made a LOT of pillows this 12 months!



How to stitch the splendid easy envelope covers –


Patriotic American Flower

Paper flowers are really not my thing. I struggle with most paper crafts…  but this flower I REALLY loved, and it is one of the few paper projects I’m pretty proud of.


Wedding Things

My niece got married this 12 months – I had amusing making things for her bathe and wedding!

Https://fieldsofhether.Blogspot.Com/2018/09/making-wedding-image-sales space-props-with.Html

Thrift Store Redo’s

Basically, I love to find items at the thrift store, paint them with smokey beige rustoleum spray paint, and add viny;  🙂




Vinyl inside the lampshade – so the design only shows when the light is on.  Use 651, mirror the image.  I LOVE doing this!

So many t-shirts….

Mostly for my grandsons, but in trendy, I simply make a LOT of shirts!

Truck & Tractor Shirts

RED Friday Shirts

With two boys in the Air Force, and one deployed part of the year…  I made more of these than anything else.

Gilmore Girls Shirts

(And I make them all with just a regular old thrift store iron – no problems!  We just toss them in the regular wash)

Print Then Cut Sticker Coloring Book

Milk Cans

Reverse Canvas

A reverse canvas is when you buy a cheap canvas, and take it apart, staining or painting the wood frame inside, and using the vinyl on the inside, rather than on the outside

Step By Step:

A quick Dollar Tree Project

Three foam pumpkins, spray painted and stacked, 651 vinyl

Travel Tissue Cover Keychains

A VERY simple sewing project, enhanced with htv

Key Fobs

The fabric was cut with the Air 2 – you have to bond it first, but that works well for this project.  Still, I think a rotary cutter is SO much faster – cutting fabric on the cricut is not really worthwhile for me.  I was just experimenting with these, to see if I could do it.

The Bag Lady In my laundry room

On This Day, Under These Stars Ornament

How to make floating Christmas ornaments with customized star maps

I didn’t get too many Christmas ornaments made this year – but I did get to these, and I love them!

Pot Holders

Knock Out Name Tile

Dog Bandanas


Family Trees

There are two of these, and they are not quite done..  but I do still have a couple of days left in this year to finish them!

A Quick Christmas card holder for our hallway


The Projects I made In 2017

Cricut & The Dollar Tree

My Cricut Tutorials & Step By Steps

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