Manners Monday: Business Card Etiquette

As we become increasingly more social both online via social media as well as offline, the lines of business and personal have become a bit more blurred these days. Whether you own your own business, are a professional within a company or have just begun an Etsy shop to showcase your creations, it’s important to know what’s good business and what crosses the line,Having owned an Interior Decorating company for several years, I know firsthand the importance of networking and getting the word out about my company in order to continue to add new clients to my roster and gain valuable referrals. While it is important as an entrepreneur to make marketing a primary focus, there are times when mixing business with pleasure is just not appropriate.

Often instances, even as making conversation with someone we’ve just met, they may with courtesy ask about what we do for a residing and comply with-up with some more fascinated questions. Sometimes this is just their manner of carrying polite communication and others times they’ll in reality be quite intrigued. If they really need your card though, they may ask. In the case of a particular enterprise assembly or enterprise networking event in which it is easy to expect to gather many playing cards over the course of the event, it is smart to arrive prepared handy out numerous commercial enterprise playing cards (and usually wise to hold a small field on your glove compartment of your car always-you in no way realize who you might meet!) As such, you simply cannot cross incorrect with the aid of handing your card out to anyone who may appear to be a ability suit as a consumer or someone who you look to similarly connect to at a later date.

When receiving enterprise playing cards from different, writing a touch observe to your self on the cardboard on the way to jog your memory later about a conversation you had or a person you both realize in commonplace, or perhaps an idea you each discussed will make things simpler if you’ve receiving severa playing cards over the course of the nighttime. Be positive to vicinity them in a separate card case or someplace the cards will not get bent. Try to avoid setting them for your returned pocket, coat pocket or shoving them into your purse. If I’m no longer at an event, I’ll tuck it into my very own business card holder or my pockets. This shows a piece greater appreciate and assures that it might not get lost inside the shuffle.

There are, however, a few specific instances when it would be considered poor taste to give out business cards. Personal events such as weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, baptisms, birthday parties, dinner parties just to name a few. Any time you are invited to these types of events, your sole focus should be the guest(s) of honor while having fun and mingling with those you’ve never met before. Choosing to sell yourself at these kinds of private events can make others feel uncomfortable and can make the host or guest of honor feel as though you have ulterior motives for attending.

Giving out a business card whilst it hasn’t been requested could make you appear a bit pushy, overbearing or an opportunist. Besides, if you’ve invested in great stationery and enterprise playing cards, you will probably need to maintain on a chunk tighter and not just hand them out to absolutely everyone you meet, reserving them for those who surely have hobby or point out they recognize of someone who ought to benefit out of your services or products.

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As usually, a number of our high-quality conversations show up within the remarks under! I’d like to pay attention your own reports. Have you ever attended a personal occasion where someone went overboard trying to sell you on their employer?

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