Living Well: Surround Yourself with Beauty

As I sit here working at my desk and look around at the space I’ve created, I feel happy and peaceful. It’s not perfect, rather a work in progress and it doubles as our guest bedroom. However, I’ve really enjoyed the process of surrounding myself with beautiful things. Pretty silver frames filled with beautiful patterned paper, a vase with pale pink peonies (my favorite flowers), the scent of a natural orange reed diffuser to lightly fragrance the room and a sparkly chandelier just to name a few.

Call me type A but I don’t feel settled when I’m surrounded by clutter. Working at the kitchen table with  visible dishes in the sink only distract me as they beckon to be washed. Keeping up with cleaning, removing excess papers, clutter and unnecessary items from a space leaving just your favorites and the most practical and useful items creates a serene environment.


There are so many ways to incorporate a little bit of pretty into each room of your home, even if you don’t have a large budget. Whether it’s a few fresh blooms in a pretty vase, a small piece of gorgeous fabric that recovers and transforms the seat of an otherwiseboring office chair, beautiful keepsakes like sand and seashells displayed in apothecary jars that remind you of a favorite trip. Even an elegant mirror in your entry that you use daily to do a quick hair and outfit check on the way out the door. It’s so important to feel good about the space you live in, whether it’s a tiny studio apartment or a sprawling homestead.


I couldn’t agree more with this quote. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about saving your best for someday and how sometimes we keep items that are so valuable or beautiful to us that we forget to enjoy them because we get caught up in tucking them away for a special occasion. Since that post I’ve been using my new Potterybarn dishes regularly.


I highly recommend donating or selling any ‘ugly’ dishes, glassware, cutlery and kitchenware at a yard sale and keep only the most beautiful pieces daily. Only keep and have on hand stain-free and lovely dish towels as well as plush bathing towels. Sleep in soft, luxurious sheets, the best you can afford. Carefully choose scented candles and room sprays that make you feel energized or are soothing and relaxing to set a mood. Wear your favorite perfume ‘just because’, even if you’re spending the day solo. Add a few of your favorite potted flowers in a variety of hues to your balcony, patio or front porch to surround yourself with colorful cheer vs. the hardy green plants that require less maintenance and perhaps a bit less money. It’s about joy, spring and summer always seem so short, the extra few dollars you spend will be so worth it!


Pick one room in your home that is just for you-maybe it’s the laundry room, a craft room (if you’re lucky enough to have the space), an office or a teeny backyard that is filled with things that speak beauty to you. Surround yourself with colors that make you feel happy and inspired and scents and textures that make you feel alive! Even while you’re doing the laundry, you can be surrounded with beauty and feel refreshed.

What lovely things have you incorporated into your home to surround yourself with beauty? What is your favorite room in your home?

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