Living Well: Learn to Enjoy the Moment

I assume one in every of the largest demanding situations that face girls nowadays is stability. With being a girl comes keeping a home, trying to prevail inside the place of business, managing a social lifestyles, nurturing friendships, paying bills, running errands, meeting time limits and peculiarly making time for circle of relatives. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months and before long an entire year has flown via with only a few celebrations or moments regularly savored alongside the way.

The truth is that life become by no means intended to be a race, it was supposed to be enjoyed. Many girls are beaten or so tightly wound up from all they’re trying to perform in every week that it’s sometimes tough to relax and revel in the simple pleasures of existence on weekends or at some stage in vacation.

In the last few years, spending more time outdoors with nature and taking a step back from demanding corporate sales positions to work for myself has allowed me to delight in the small moments like I never had before. This isn’t to say that I don’t feel overloaded with work at times or stressed but I had to take the time to define what was most important to me and my family. Beginning a gratitude journal was also key to unlocking a more thankful heart that allowed me to focus daily on five things that I am most grateful for at the end of my day.

Things that had been so important to me at one time in my mind, were no longer necessary. I adopted a less is more approach to life and scaled back in many different areas which has allowed me to spend less money, free up my schedule, bring less stuff into our home and focus on only what we truly need to be happy. I recently came to some other new revelations {here} while on a trip about what we want vs. what we need in life.

I simply love this quote, it demanding situations us all to enjoy what we’ve whether it’s time, an profession, our family, money, friendships or the trendy model of the iPad. Let’s be women who recognise the way to be content with what we have, not wanting the subsequent contemporary pair of footwear or purse to be happy. Ignore what the media tells you which you must have and need to be to be able to be a achievement. Be satisfied in knowing what’s exceptional for you and keeping existence as straight forward as it is able to be.

"Do now not ruin what you have got by means of desiring what you have not;

don’t forget that what you have now was once most of the matters

you only was hoping for."

~Epicurus (Greek Philosopher)

On that note, I hope you all have a wonderful and fulfilling weekend enjoying the simple and most beautiful moments of life. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you! How have you become more present in your  own life?


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