Grammar Quirks: Marie Miranda Cruz on the Word ‘Felicity’

Grammar Girl: What?S your favored phrase and why?

Marie Miranda Cruz: “Felicity.” What a lovely word! It’s an old fashioned word, but I love it because it “sounds” like happiness. Saying the word makes me happy.

GG: What?S a word you dislike (either as it?S overused or misused) and why?

MMC: This one is hard due to the fact I love words in standard. If I needed to pick out one, I?D select "compliance." I think this comes from my feelings at the current political weather. It manner submission, obedience, to yield, and right now I don?T sense find it irresistible.

GG: What phrase will you constantly misspell?

MMC: "Receive." I continually pause earlier than typing or penning this word. I as soon as misspelled the phrase "pal" and a person laughed at me. I am for all time haunted via that. Thank goodness for on-line dictionaries due to the fact I still blank every now and then when I try to spell phrases I?Ve used earlier than.

GG: What word (or semblance of a word) might you like to peer brought to the dictionary? Why?

MMC: "Banana-que." This is a fried plantain covered with crispy, caramelized sugar served on a barbeque stick. I?D love to consist of this word genuinely because it?S amusing and because it?S scrumptious.

GG: Any grammar puppy peeves we should understand approximately?

MMC: Mostly about grammar itself! Which is why I began listening to your podcast a few years ago. Whenever I use the word “whether,” I remember your show about common misused words.

GG: To what quantity does grammar play a function in character improvement and voice?

MMC: I assume grammar performs a big function in growing how a person thinks and speaks. It?S a distinguishing characteristic, and it gives the reader a clean concept about your character?S history, as in where they live and what degree of training they have in phrases of their vocabulary.

GG: Do you’ve got a favourite quote or passage from an creator you?D want to share?

MMC: One of my favorites is via Neil Gaiman.

?A global in which there are monsters, and ghosts, and things that want to steal your coronary heart is a global wherein there are angels, and dreams, and a international wherein there is wish.?

I love this as it method there will constantly be kind, excellent humans inside the global, and because of the ones human beings, humanity has a chance.

GG: What grammar, wording, or…

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