Criticizing Opposing Political Views isn’t Classy

Here we’re, it’s election day. For many the final results represents either enormous worry or reassurance regarding the destiny of this country (relying on how you voted). Yet for others not so emotionally invested in a selected political birthday celebration, it without a doubt represents alternate and a specific direction ahead or moving forward with a good deal of what’s already in movement.

I think the real difference comes down to true faith in our good Lord above. When your faith is in your creator who loves you (instead of hanging your hopes on a political party or Presidential candidate to be your country’s savior), things look and feel different. There is peace, trust and a gentle spirit that does not burden you with the the need to hammer your points home and put your political map on friends, family, neighbors and even strangers if they don’t agree with you (hence today’s reminder above on political etiquette and how a classy woman behaves during election time). In fact, it can alienate the very people we care about most, turning our viewpoints into a war zone and causing division among many long after harsh words are spoken.

I wrote these words below this morning, first on my own personal Facebook page and then moments later on The Classy Woman Facebook community page (feel free to click the link and join us if you like). My hope is that we all keep things in perspective and focus more on unity than division.

No remember what occurs these days, here is one final concept. His very personal phrases were written for our eyes to look and be assured in what lies in advance. "For I understand the plans I actually have for you, (proclaims the Lord) plans to prosper you and now not to damage you, plans to offer you a hope and a future." ~Jeremiah 29:11.

As continually, thank you for reading!


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