Candy Corn Martini

Happy Thursday and Welcome to Ladies Night!  We are quickly approaching All Hallows Eve! We are celebrating Halloween here at The Slow Roasted Italian with a fantastic drink!  The perfect adult treat for your Halloween party, the Candy Corn Martini is a Devilish Delight.

Mr. W infused the candy corn into the vodka, which created this fantastic holiday treat.  It tastes like Brach’s made its own Candy Corn Vodka just for you. So Trick or Treat yourself into this one of a kind drink, I dare you, no I double dog dare you to drink up this cocktail and infuse yourself with Halloween!!! Now go and scare yourself up some fun.

COCKTAIL TIP:  Rimming cocktail glasses is simple and something you can do the day before the party.  You will need cocktail glasses or cups, 2 shallow bowls slightly larger than your drinking vessel.  Choose a liquid to rim with.  Most bartenders choose lime or lemon, but to get a heavy duty sugar to stick to our glasses we chose to use our orange liqueur (any sticky liquid would work).  Choose dry item to adhere to rim: salt, sugar, chopped candies are all great options.  We chose black sanding sugar; you can find this at your local craft store or in the seasonal section of your grocery store.

Pour your liquid in one bowl and dry ingredient in the other bowl.  Place glass rim down in the liquid.  Spin to coat the top edge of glass. Wait a moment for excess liquid to drip off.  Place coated glass in bowl with dry ingredient and tap to coat.  Flip and allow glass to dry.

Original recipe through using Chad of The Slow Roasted Italian

Candy Corn Martini serves 2

three ouncesSmirnoff Whipped Vodka

3/4 cup sweet corn (I in particular recommend Brach’s)

3 oz. Vanilla vodka

1 ounce of orange liqueur

2 tablespoons of sugar (for rimming the glass)

Infusing Vodka

(Makes five oz.Enough for two Martinis, adjust for that reason)

Combine vodka and candy corns in a glass container with a lid for 24 hours.  Open container, stir and strain out small remaining candy parts.  Set aside.

Rim the martini glass by dipping the rim in your choice of liquids (vodka, orange liqueur or candy corn vodka).  We used the candy corn vodka for more flavor.  Then coat with sugar (we used sanding sugar for more coarse look) by dipping the glass into a saucer with sugar on it.

In a martini shaker combine the candy corn vodka, the vanilla vodka and the orange liqueur with a handful of ice.  Shake to chill and pour into 2 prepared martini glasses.  Garnish with 2-3 Candy Corns in the bottom if desired.

Click here for a printable version of this recipe – The Slow Roasted Italian.Com

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