Can You Adopt a Car-Less Mindset?

Photo of a woman walking to workI offered my vehicle approximately 7 years in the past and haven?T appeared back. The thrilling factor is that on the time it changed into just a necessity. I had no concept it might benefit me past removing the oppressive monthly payments. Now stay with me here, this isn?T some hippie tirade. I will give an explanation for how this genuinely applies to being fit and healthy, and how it is able to contribute to weight-loss.

For the bulk of my grownup lifestyles (because I was 16-years-antique) I actually have owned a vehicle. As you likely know, the ordinary element that occurs while you personal a vehicle is that the question ?How will I get from place A to vacation spot B? Is already replied by means of default: I will power. Of course! Because I very own a automobile. Plus, at some points in my lifestyles, it turned into honestly a pretty cool car with a decent stereo.

If the distance changed into extraordinarily brief, I might likely walk, however for any distance or duration over a couple of minutes, I would truly get within the automobile, crank the tunes, and force.

When you take the “I own a car” element out of the equation, you are forced to get creative. Will I walk? Will I ride my bike? Take the bus? Take the subway? Walk there and run back? Use a car share? Call a friend? An Uber? Mom?

The first great thing about many of the alternative modes of gettin’ ’round that I just listed is that they involve physically moving your body. Yes, even taking the bus or the subway involves walking, standing and balancing (using proprioception) that we don’t use when we are sitting on our butts in a car seat. Even using one of the car share programs involves walking to the parking spot where the car is kept and then walking home again after you drop the car off again.

The second great thing about these alternatives is that they are often shown tolower stress levels, raise your mood and perhaps even help you get better sleep. I published a podcast about commuting over at if you are interested in learning more.

Sure, you want to be greater prepared and plan in advance so that you still arrive on time (although, I might argue that you need to try this simply as much while you power due to the fact traffic sucks) but in standard I could an awful lot as a substitute feel the wind in my hair on my motorbike than be respiration the recycled and overly conditioned air internal a cramped automobile. I might also alternatively be status and studying a book at the bus or subway in place of sitting there reading the license plates and bumper stickers of the vehicles infront of me. Not to mention the joy of letting a person else do the driving while you human beings watch or space-out.

Now you don?T must clearly sell your vehicle if you don?T need to however I would undertaking you to as a minimum undertake a vehicle-less attitude and supply yourself the task of selecting a one-of-a-kind mode of transportation as a minimum 50% of your trips. I am certain that you will begin to fall in love with the idea of being automobile-much less while your step counter, hobby tracker, bathroom scale, and waistline start to expose the advantages of all this more movement.

Do you live a car-less life style? Do you have doubts that this would work for you? Let’s start a conversation over at or or in the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Get-Fit Guy podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Play or via RSS.

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