Beautiful Easter Egg Decorating Techniques

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(Original Source Unknown )

These beautiful eggs are made with paper napkins, and mod podge.

Cut out designs from napkins, or tissue paper, and mod podge them to the eggs

I found these napkins on amazon here –

More napkin eggs here –

These are made using paper doilies!

Use Krylon Tack It to stick the doilies fast, then dab with craft clue or paint for the design

Remove the paper doilies

The secret to dying eggs with nail polish is room temperature water.  The water cannot be cold, nor do you want it too hot.

More Nail Polish Eggs –

These were made with indigo nail polish and water!  And color nail polish can be used.

Natural Egg Dyes

More natural dyes here – I love the beet juice color

Rae Dunn Inspired Easter Eggs

Chalkboard Eggs (And a simple twine nest)

DIp the bottoms in dye, sketch the bunny head face on top.


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