6 Fun, Money-Saving Kids’ Party Ideas

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to planning your child’s birthday party.


Your daughter’s party is about to start, and you just realized you don’t have a plastic tablecloth on which to serve the cake. Don’t worry, your dining room table isn’t ruined yet. Just use the mat from your Twister game. It’s covered with colorful dots, and food wipes right off.

Thinking about throwing your child’s birthday party in a larger venue? Contact local toddler co-ops and daycare centers to see if you can rent out their space on the weekend—some organizations offer fantastic rates!

If your kids love to bowl as much as ours do, this party will be a memorable hit! On flat ground, create a bowling lane with different-colored party streamers. For the pins, collect 10 plastic bottles filled with water, and drop a bit of food coloring in each. Arrange the pins in proper formation at the end of the bowling lane. Use a soccer ball or basketball to as your bowling ball and get your kids ready to score!

If your children’s birthday parties are putting a hurt on your budget, there’s a simple solution—have the party during the week instead of on a weekend. Sure, everyone wants a weekend party, and that’s why restaurants and other popular birthday locales charge a lot more for Saturday and Sunday events. They’ll be only too happy to accommodate your request for a weekday party, and it might even be easier for you, too—just offer to pick up your child’s playmates from school that afternoon and have them picked up from the party later. Your child will have just as much fun as they would at a weekend party, maybe even more, since it’s a rare weekday treat.

A great, but rarely utilized, location for a summer party is your local minor league baseball park. Tickets are cheap, kids will love interacting with the mascot, and there’s no need to stay the whole game—five innings or so should suffice. The team might even offer you discounted group tickets and flash your child’s name on the scoreboard.

Here’s a cheap and easy game for a kids’ party that’s become a birthday tradition our kids always ask for. Before the party, gather up enough party favors for each child who will be playing, then add a “special” party favor for just one child. Put the favors in a box and wrap it with an old scrap of wrapping paper, newspaper, or construction paper. Then wrap it again. And again, and again, and again…. After you’ve wrapped the box 6-12 times (depending on how many guests you’re expecting), you’re ready to play. Sit the children in a circle and start up some music. While the music plays, the children pass the present around to their right. When the music stops, the kid holding the present gets to unwrap a layer of wrapping paper. The game continues until the last child unwraps the present, and discovers the special prize for herself and the ones for everyone else.

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