6 Clever Yet Easy Space Savers for Small Bathrooms

6 Clever, Yet Easy Space Savers for Small Bathrooms

Is your shower loaded with loofahs, sponges, and bath toys? Keep them all in one convenient place by installing a spare curtain rod in the back of the shower and hanging them on S-shaped hooks. You can also use the rod to hang-dry bathing suits, wet towels, and clothing, or as hanging storage space for cleaning supplies.

If you’re short on space in your bathroom, here’s a crafty idea for storing towels—use an old wine rack! Rolled up, they’ll fit perfectly into the bottle-sized slots intended for wine. (Rolled up magazines and newspapers also fit!)

Turn a wall-mounted spice rack into a bathroom caddy! Use it to store small shampoo and conditioner bottles, soaps, lotions, nail polishes, makeup, cotton balls—and any other nebulous items that collect around your bathroom sink.

If you need more garage space in your toilet, considered one of our favorite fixes is the usage of an over-the-door plastic shoe storage field. Available at domestic shops, these organizers are ideal for make-up, lotion, and even small appliances like curling irons.

We love this handy solution for storing brushes, combs, and other hair products: Repurpose large soup, bean, or other tin cans! First, cover the cans with wrapping or contact paper to match your bathroom’s design—simply cut the paper to size and glue it around the cans with white craft glue or Mod Podge. Then use in your overcrowded cabinets or apply adhesive strips (such as the Command brand) to attach the brush holders to the wall or to the inside of a cabinet door.

Those hanging three-tiered baskets that you usually find holding fruit in the kitchen are also perfect for bathrooms. Store brushes, hair gel, Band-Aids, or whatever else is taking up too much space in your medicine cabinet. If placed out of reach of your kids, it’s also a great place to store shaving supplies.

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