Recipe: Perfect Chicken Nachos

Chicken Nachos. These chicken nachos are made with tortilla chips layered with seasoned chicken, green chilies and cheese. They are to die for with some guacamole, sour cream and salsa. If it's too spicy for you, just leave out the cayenne.

Chicken Nachos You can also use leftover chicken, especially if it's the ready-to-shred stuff that comes from the slow cooker or Instant Pot. In a large skillet, cook and stir onion and garlic in oil until tender. So here's what goes in my Chicken Nachos. You can cook Chicken Nachos using 5 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Chicken Nachos

  1. You need 3 can of spicy rotel.
  2. It’s 3 lb of chicken breast.
  3. You need 1 box of velveeta cheese.
  4. It’s 1 of sour cream.
  5. Prepare 1 of Tortilla chips.

This chicken nachos recipe is delicious and so simple. Rotisserie (or leftover) chicken keeps it quick, and the seasonings and splash of lime juice lend fantastic flavor. Toss to coat it in the sauce and allow to simmer for a few minutes. To build the nachos, build several layers of chips, cheese, and chicken, ending with a small layer on top.

Chicken Nachos step by step

  1. Cook chicken breast stove top.. season with Chipotle taco seasoning and Fajita seasoning.
  2. When finished cut chicken to small cubes.
  3. Add to Large pot.
  4. Cut up Velveeta cheese and add cheese and Rotel to Large pot.
  5. Stir well to encourage proper melting of cheese and mixing of the Rotel.
  6. Once fully melted You can now pour on top of your tortilla chips.
  7. Add sour cream and any other desired topping.

Chicken – You can use a rotisserie chicken or some shredded cooked chicken breast.; Salsa – Jarred salsa is good, but you could also make some of our roasted tomato salsa.; Shredded cheese – I like Mexican blend cheese (also sometimes called Fiesta blend cheese).; Tortilla chips – If you're out of tortilla chips, try breaking up some taco. Layer up the tortilla chips in an ovenproof dish or baking tray with the chopped chicken, spring onions, cheese and pickled jalapeños. To serve, sprinkle with the coriander and eat with your favourite accompaniments. Heat the oil in a large pan over medium heat. Do not brown; reduce the heat if necessary.

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