4 Reasons to Write Your Family Love Letters

The world swooned when tennis player Serena Williams recently announced she was expecting her first baby.  And as if that news wasn’t thrilling enough, she grabbed even more attention when she posted a letter she wrote to her unborn baby. The letter read:

?My Dearest Baby, You gave me the energy I didn?T recognise I had. You taught me the real which means of serenity and peace. I cannot wait to meet you. I can’t wait a good way to be a part of the players box subsequent year. But most importantly, I am so glad to share being primary inside the world with you … Over again today. From the sector’s oldest primary to the world’s youngest primary. -Your Mommy, April 24, 2017."

Here are four motives to share a special observe together with your toddler or other loved ones for your lifestyles.

Kids and family members are used to getting cards for occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or for a special occasion like First Communion or a Bat or Bar Mitzvahs. But they never expect to receive one for no reason at all.  Surprise your child, spouse, close friend, or neighbor by sending them a hand written note or greeting card “just because” you want them to know they are special to you.

There are plenty of times when life just doesn’t go our way, and we’re left feeling discouraged or disappointed.  Perhaps your son didn’t make the cut for the baseball team, or your spouse missed out on landing a big account. Or maybe your mother-in-law had to finally give up playing tennis due to her bad knee. Whatever the setback, this is the perfect time to send some written words of encouragement to show your support with a letter.

We all need to feel validated from time to time, especially if we’ve been working diligently towards a goal that is finally accomplished.  Take a few moments to pen a note of congratulations for your daughter’s first after-school job, your son’s driver’s permit, or your spouse’s promotion at work. We tend to be much better at verbally acknowledging these victories, so when we take the time to share our feelings of happiness in writing, we’re really making a statement.

Today’s busy lifestyles leave families much less time for relaxing and  hanging out. We’re often running in many different directions as we try to juggle work, home, and family.  Take back some quality family time by sending an “I Owe You” letter to your spouse and kids promising them a weekend outing, or dinner at a favorite restaurant or even a day or two to do absolutely nothing at all but enjoy each other’s company.

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