16 Weeks and Counting….

I promised you all that I might proportion some child updates and photos as we take them and since hubby snapped a few sixteen-week photographs the previous day, I notion I’d publish them here for you all to see and additionally fill you in on new and exciting things which have been going on in our little global. Don’t fear, I promise this might not grow to be a being pregnant weblog. 😉 Regular scheduled classy female posts to observe! Since a lot of you asked to be kept in the loop and it is a part of my lifestyles and I on occasion share about my non-public lifestyles, my hubby and our existence adventures I concept it became suitable.

I just booked my 20-week ultrasound appointment and we’re genuinely excited to find out if baby Davis may be a bit girl or boy! If infant cooperates and is not crossing its legs so we are able to learn the sex (I was told to drink orange juice or sweet tea in advance and seemingly in an effort to do the trick), I’ll be planning a gender screen birthday party subsequent month with our closest family and pals to proportion the information. I’ll make certain to percentage some pictures with all of you along with whether we’re going to be shopping for purple or blue after our large bash.

Compared to the 12-Week photo that I included in the announcement post last week, you can see that my bump has gotten quite a bit bigger in the past month which caught me by surprise to be honest. I think part of this is due to the fact that my 5’9″ height is all in my legs and my torso is quite short. What’s funny is that the day we take progress photos for some reason my belly always looks bigger than it typically is, the very next day it always seems to shrink a bit. 😉

{Outfit Details} Top: Ross (chambraysleeved version here)  //  Bottoms: Target

Wedges: Tory Burch  // Earrings:Jewel Mint sold out similar stylehere)

Bracelets: Forever 21 (wearing mint & coral of the 7-pc set w/ some thin gold bangles)

*All outfit items above are non-maternity.

I wanted to share some fun facts, and I’ll likely continue something similar in future monthly updates. I don’t know about you, but as a woman (even well before I became pregnant) I always enjoyed seeing other bloggers and friends’ prego pics as well as hearing their personal journey, cravings and funny stories. Everyone’s experiences are so unique.

{Fun Facts}

What I craved the most this month:Hamburgers. I don’t normally eat them but they’re all I can think about. 😉

Biggest food aversions this month: The smell of curry and Indian spices (which I normally enjoy) make me feel queasy. The first couple months it was the smell of BBQ’d meats.

The craziest/funniest/scariest moment this month: I slipped while walking to my car in the driveway of my Dentist after a routine cleaning (while wearing flats), I caught myself and thankfully didn’t fall but it scared me and I’ve since stopped wearing those shoes until I have rubber soles added to the bottoms.

The most exciting development this month: I felt baby move for the first time at 15.5 weeks! I hear that is early and most don’t feel it until later but It felt like somersaults and as though baby was wearing boxing gloves and hitting my belly.

Weight gain from 12-16 weeks: 4 lbs, I’ve gained 5 lbs total to date.

Regular Wardrobe or Maternity Clothes?: I’m still wearing all of my own clothes. I’ve added several new maxi dresses to my closet for the coming months but all are regular sizes in my own size or a size up that will fit me for many months if not the entire pregnancy and post-delivery also. Most of my pants fit however I purchased a button extender so I can keep wearing them longer.

I’d love to hear from you! What do you remember from your own pregnancy at 4 months? Maybe some of my ‘fun facts’ questions & answers will spark your memory. 🙂 Did you wait until the birth to find out your baby’s gender or were you excited to find out ahead of time?

Thanks for Reading!


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