12+ Things You Should Never Spend Money On

Taking a vacation? Studies have shown that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly (although others dispute this, saying weekends can often be cheaper). If you’re renting a car, don’t pay for jacked-up rental car fees that rental agencies have to pay to be at the airport. Instead, take a taxi to a nearby rental agency and get your car there. They’re usually far cheaper. (For packing tips, including how to pack jewelry and keep a musty smell out of a suitcase, check out our recent post on tips that will change the way you pack.)

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Making your own DIY cleaners is super easy. For counters and windows, just use a solution of half white vinegar, half water (and use old newspaper instead of paper towels when washing windows!). You can also use white vinegar and water as a shower spray. Use 1 part white vinegar and 9 parts water in a spray bottle and spray it over your tub after every shower to prevent mold and mildew.

Instead of buying wood polishes at the store, mix 1 cup olive oil with juice of one lemon and rub into wood furniture.

Clean silver with toothpaste! Use the white, non-gel variety and white on with a dry cloth, then wipe off. The tarnish will come with it! Or, try this amazing trick: Line a bowl with aluminum foil, and add a tablespoon of salt or baking soda. Fill with warm water, then add your silver jewelry and agitate the water. Then, simply rinse or wipe off the tarnish!

Who needs a store-bought duster? Just use a hair dryer! Gently blowing air on knick-knacks and other household items is a quick and easy way to remove dust. If that doesn’t work, try one of these other dusting hacks.

Real Simple recently linked to our article about savings mistakes you’re making at the grocery store. Check it out for ways to spend less money just by shopping in a different part of your grocery store.

Another great Quick and Dirty post: 20 Kitchen Items You Should Never Pay For. Use a thermos as a martini shaker, a half a take-out lid for a bowl scraper, beans for a rolling pin, a beater from a hand blender for a fruit reamer, and others.

Some of the most expensive make-up is foundation and powder. Make them last longer by buying a shade darker than your natural one, then mixing it with moisturizer (for foundation), or baby powder (for powder) until it matches your normal color. You’ll have more than twice as much, and you’ll never be able to tell the difference!

Here’s a tip we got from a professional clown: Use olive oil instead of makeup remover! It works just as well as store bought, and moisturizes.

Mascara starting to dry out? Just add several drops of saline eye drops and shake. The eye drops will allow you to get the last bit out the tube. (Just make sure to change your mascara every 4 to 6 months.)

If you love cuticle creams, use chapstick instead! It has the same ingredients for a fraction of the price. Just find a small you like and dedicate that chaptstick just for your cuticles. You can also use chapstick to treat a hang nail, or as sunscreen for a part! If you have a part in your hair just rub some chapstick down the part.

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