10 Surprising Pilgrim Names

Pilgrim names

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When I was writing the thousands of sentences in my iOS game, Grammar Pop, I wanted to include as many different names as possible, so I looked at old names, new names, spelling bee winner names, lists of popular names in as many countries as I could think of—and one short list I ended up finding was a list of all the American pilgrims’ names. And I was struck by how unusual, symbolic, and hopeful many of the names were.

Remember Allerton was a little female of about five when the Mayflower set sail. "Remember"?That?S such an interesting call.

Humility Cooper?Humility? Become a passenger on the Mayflower who came along with her aunt and uncle whilst she changed into simply 1 12 months vintage.

Desire Minter became a young woman who got here over on the Mayflower; she turned into likely younger than 19. Both Desire and Humility later returned to England, which wasn?T commonplace.

Degory Priest changed into an person hatter, approximately 40 years old, who got here on my own at the Mayflower, making plans to deliver his circle of relatives over later. Unfortunately, he died the first wintry weather at Plymouth. About 40 percentage of the passengers died that first, hard wintry weather.

Oceanus Hopkins became a child boy born while the Mayflower turned into at sea, and his name isn?T a whole lot of a thriller. He changed into born at sea, and his call comes from the Latin word for "ocean."

Demaris Hopkins became Oceanus? 2-12 months-vintage older sister. Historians agree with the Demaris who was on the Mayflower died, however then the parents had some other daughter and named her Demaris too.

Resolved White and Peregrine White had been two younger brothers on the Mayflower. Resolved was five on the time of the voyage, and prefer Oceanus, Peregrine changed into born on the ship. He was born even as the Mayflower become anchored in Cape Cod Harbor. His call comes from the Latin word for ?Pilgrim.?

Finally, it?S hard to choose, but I assume those are my favorites.

Wrestling Brewster and Love Brewster had been two younger brothers from Leiden, Holland, who got here over with their mother and father. (About forty percentage of the pilgrims at the Mayflower had been religious separatists who had moved from England to Leiden, hoping to discover a higher existence, but it wasn?T operating out. So they determined to make the harmful journey to America.)

Wrestling changed into 6 years antique whilst the Mayflower set sail, and Love become nine. Wrestling probably died, but Love lived lengthy enough to serve in a defense force under Myles Standish, marry, and feature four children, one among whom he named Wrestling after his brother. The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who wrote ?Paul Revere?S Ride? And "The Song of Hiawatha," is one in all Love Brewster?S many descendants.

I didn’t use most of these names in Grammar Pop because names like Wrestling and Love would have been confusing in sentences because they’re words and don’t sound like names to us anymore, but I thought it was fascinating that the pilgrims seemed to give their children such symbolic and mostly hopeful names.

Most of this information came from MayflowerHistory.com.

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