How to Cook Tasty My own hot-dog salad idea

My own hot-dog salad idea. My goal is to create my own fusion kitchen: i would like to highlight that there are no borders in mixing and matching tastes. I like to discover new spices and ideas. Feel free to substitute any of my ingredients🤗 i never try to follow the "official" rules in cooking, but rather my main ingredient is my.

My own hot-dog salad idea Once you've chosen your lettuce and salad dressing, it's time to pile on the toppings and really make your salad pop. Mix and match your favorite healthy salad toppings to create a dish that's all your own. Whether you're a meat-lover, vegan or vegetarian, protein-packed salads give you extra energy and nutrients. You can cook My own hot-dog salad idea using 13 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of My own hot-dog salad idea

  1. It’s of black and green olives and fresh parsley for serving.
  2. Prepare of ****************.
  3. Prepare of salad ingredients:.
  4. Prepare slices of many hot dogs (chicken or turkey meat), cut into.
  5. Prepare of green apples.
  6. You need of mayonnaise.
  7. Prepare of sugar,salt,lemon juice.
  8. Prepare of black pepper (if using).
  9. You need of sour cream (if using).
  10. Prepare of little mustard (if using).
  11. Prepare of any cheddar style cheese cut in squares.
  12. It’s of cooked eggs cut in squares.
  13. Prepare of onions cut in squares (if using).

The Nathan's hot dog did not disappoint, being eight inches of savory hot dog heaven on a bun and topped with yellow mustard, chopped Texas White onions and some of the market's own chili sauce. Meet the Ultimate DIY Hot Dog Bar. Step you your hot dog toppings game with these cookout party ideas and topping recipes. To accompany the hot dog roast I made this delicious savory & sweet broccoli salad, and my favorite blue cheese & balsamic kettle chips.

My own hot-dog salad idea instructions

  1. Mix the ingredients according to your taste. Cook the hot dogs before using..

The chips are served on a wooden cutting board, and make a terrific snack to munch on before dinner. The good news is that you can *easily* make your own gourmet dogs at home that you won't find in any baseball stadium. If we could order Caesar salad dogs or Buffalo dogs at Yankee Stadium, we honestly would never leave. Hot dogs are a classic American dish, often served at backyard cookouts or baseball games — but these dogs can't can't stand alone. Whether you're entertaining a group, or making a fast weeknight meal, the perfect side dish will complete your hot dog dinner.

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